Secure, Fast, Lightweight 2FA desktop app

Finally, a native 2FA app won't eat your RAM



E2E Encryption TO sync data among multiple devices, your data is encrypted with your master key, and push to our backend. When you sync this data back to other devices, you use that same master key to decrypt data. And that's it. Simple


Native app


Use less than 10MB RAM and will not make your fan go crazy


All your data is encrypted using AES-GCM. This data is sync to our server and even us cannot see your data.



All your data is encrypted using AES-GCM with a key that you chose. This data is sync to our server and even us cannot see your data. If you don't want the syncing features, you can turn off syncing, and simply put the database into a dropbox, icloud sync folder to run it among multiple machine.


Simple. $1/month

You can use it for free on a single device. When you want to use on more than one devices, you will need to pay us. The fee you paid allow me to maitenance the backend.



How do I backup

You don't have to since the data is syncing back to our backend so we can show it on multiple devices. If you really want to backup, simply backup your sqlite db in `~/.bima/bima.db`.

Is my data secure

We used AES-GCM. For every otp secret, we generate a salt, we then encrypt this salt key using your own password. We stored the encrypted salt into a SQL

Why would I use this over Authy

If you are happy with Authy, please continue to do so. However, what Bima offer is 100% open source. You know exactly what is going on and you can even self-hosted it by changing syncing URL so it sync to your own server instead us.

I don't trust you

Fair enough. You can install the server and run it yourself.